The Hunt for the Legendary Mr. Morris Blog Tour


Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for The Hunt for the Legendary Mr. Morris by Sasha Boileau!

The Hunt for the Legendary Mr. Morris
by Sasha Boileau
Genre: YA Sci-Fi/Action & Adventure
Release Date: September 14th 2020


It may not be the end of the world, but if they fail it will definitely be the end of them.

What’s left of the human race live a life of ignorant luxury thousands of years after the war. That is until Kade, Brodin, and Sylas set off a chain of events they never thought possible. What do all three have in common? They are all skinny, they don’t believe a single thing they are told, and they love to delve into forbidden waters.  They find themselves trapped in the world they dreamed of, left with a task where failure is not an option, and time is ticking down.

 Kade and his friends must find the only man able to fix the mess they caused, but how will they survive a world where they are nothing but a delicacy of the food chain? The weight of humanity is resting on their tired shoulders with only each other to rely on.

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A sign, fallen to the ground, ashen and worn reads: ‘Welcome to Kallen City! Progress at its finest!’ As we step passed it, I feel a dull pain in my chest. It’s odd to know this wasteland once had a name and people living here. The pod people have never referred to the past generations as people like us, they’ve always been regarded as stupid, desperate and trigger-happy yet, seeing the ruins humanizes our history. Looking at this worn and burnt place recalls the memory of the exploded pod. Although small in comparison, the sight it left behind is nearly identical. I’ve come to think that perhaps, it’s possible, that we are no better than before. If that's true, if we are truly stupid and greedy, is this scene before me simply meant to happen? Has anything really changed from before? It tugs a question from the back of my mind, Is there a point to what we’re attempting to do? Are we no better than the dead? 

About the Author
Sasha Boileau was born in 1999 and lives in Midland, Michigan. Sasha has expressed that publishing her work has been one of her greatest achievements as they hold many messages and lessons; Sasha hopes her writing can help her readers while also providing an entertaining story. Sasha currently attends college with aspirations of becoming an English teacher and bettering herself as an author.

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