Retellathon TBR

Hi everyone! I’m so excited  to particpate in the retellathon .This readathon starts July 8th – july 15th. It’s hosted by Liv (@ReadbyLiv), Cara (@WildeBookGarden), Spence (@mrcommonspence), Mikayla (@MikaylaTweeting) & Lea (@leabex).  You can find more info @retellathon on twitter. Here are all the books I plan on reading!

Challenge 1: Love at first sight , read a retelling of your favorite fairy tale.

My favorite fairy tale is beauty and the beast so I decided to read Hunted.


challenge 2:   True Love’s twists ,read a queer or genderflipped retelling

A Study in Charlotte (Charlotte Holmes, #1)

challenge 3 Faraway Kingdom  Read a retelling of a fairy tale from your heritage

 I don’t really know much about either side of my family so I just choose another retelling to read.
A Curse Dark as Gold
challenge 4

Under a Spell  Read the group book: The Surface Breaks by Louise O’Neill

The Surface Breaks

challenge 5
Unhappily Ever After
Read a retelling with a dark twist (e.g. with an unhappy ending or told from the villains point of view)
So that’s what I’m planning on reading. If you are participating, what are you planning to read?

2 thoughts on “Retellathon TBR

  1. I love retellings! And Hunted and a Study in Charlotte sound both very good. I just recently got The Surface Breaks (the cover is so stunning!) and I hope I can read it today and tomorrow.
    I’d love to participate but I’m already doing another readathon so I really don’t have the time. But I hope you have lots of fun ☺️

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